Our First Family Tent!

First family tent

It can be quite difficult to get the best family tent that is available on the market as there are several tent features and designs. Just as with anything, we all have different views on what we consider to be the best family tent for us, in the end it all comes down to what you consider the most suitable for the unique needs of your family.

Here are some basic tips on what to consider when shopping for your new family tent. The space you need is an important factor when you plan to buy a family tent. Usually, they have a recommended maximum capacity, but this should be regarded with precaution. It is preferable to go one or even two person less. Thus, a 7 person tent should be regarded more as a tent for 5, maximum 6 person tent.

Check for the best family tent to have sufficient porch, living space, sleeping area and one for cooking. It is important to have adequate space for all these activities for a fun and stress free holiday.

Don’t forget that clothes and the cooking equipment also require some space and thus, it should be added to the space requirement of the tent.

Choose a waterproof tent and also check for the tent to include properly shut doors and well-sewn seams. You don’t want to get wet inside the tent when it rains outside or for stronger winds to collapse your family tent.

The weight of the tent is important only if you have to carry it with you for a longer distance and not next to your car. So, based on where you generally pitch the tent, choose a lighter or heavier one.

Luckily, most family tents that are currently available on the market are easy to put up. Allow about 30 minutes for most family tents, although there are family tents that can be easily put up a lot quicker.

Obviously, it is recommended to first pitch the tent at home in your backyard and not straight on the campsite. Thus, you’ll know how much it takes to put it up and it will be a lot easier and quicker to set up the tent.

Though it may not be so obvious when all goes well, your tent serves as a critical part of your overall camping experience. A tent that is too small, leaks, absorbs a lot of heat in the summer or has other functional deficiencies can quickly ruin an otherwise enjoyable weekend. Don’t let that happen to you.

Teaching English: The Easiest Way To Make a Living Overseas

Lots of people want to live overseas, but many people get caught up on trying to figure out how they’ll make a living overseas. There are lots of different jobs out there that expats can do when they move overseas, and the jobs available to you will vary depending upon your qualifications and the various industries available in the country that you’re moving to. However, not everyone has great qualifications or skills in their career that they can transfer to another country. So what is the easiest job for expats to get when they move overseas?

Well if you come from a native English speaking country, then you’re qualified for jobs teaching English overseas. Teaching English is the easiest job that an English speaker can get and these jobs are available in pretty much any country that isn’t a native-English speaking country, and sometimes those jobs are even available in those countries. In many countries you can even find teaching jobs without any kind of qualifications at all. Other countries require a degree, TEFL, and teaching experience.

If you don’t have many qualifications, you may need to be a little less picky about the location that you go to teach English. That’s quite alright though, as being open minded and open to change is one of the biggest things an expat needs to have a successful life overseas. In many countries teaching English comes with great benefits; such as free accommodation, local language lessons, health insurance, free meals at the school, and many others.

Teaching English usually gives you an upper middle class or higher salary as compared to the local costs of living, so you’ll be able to live a great life while you’re overseas. Also, most teaching jobs don’t have too many hours, so you’ll be able to spend a lot of time traveling and studying the local language. Teaching also gives you a lot of fulfillment in your life because you are directly and tangibly improving the lives of your students every day and you can see their skills grow in front of your eyes.

Not everyone is cut out for teaching or wants to do it for the rest of their lives, and that’s quite alright. However, it’s a great way to get to a country and get a proper visa and a way to earn a living while you make local connections and figure out what you want to do next. Many people start their lives overseas as English teachers and then end up starting their own business or transitioning into another career once they’ve networked and made connections in their newly adopted home.

So, if you’re really wanting to move overseas but are struggling to figure out how to make that happen, find a job teaching English and get on that plane. You definitely won’t regret it at all and it will open your world to all kinds of new possibilities you never dreamed of before. I know that being an expat has totally changed my life for the better.

Traveling by bike around the Mekong delta

When it comes to traveling, tourists and visitors from different parts of the world are expected to ride the most convenient and comfortable means of transportation for the trip to be a great success. You can use a bus, a car, a train, a boat, a ship or a plane to move from one place to another just to reach your destination. But there are also some tourists who would love to travel around using a bicycle or a bike. It might sound not convenient for some tourists, but for some it is a different way of exploring and a great experience.

Everybody knows that the Mekong Delta is very popular and rich in the natural beauty of its river. And tourists are expected to have a boat ride tour so that they can enjoy and have fun along the Mekong River’s famous floating markets. But of course, if you are going to use a bike, then you are expected to use the road, a land tour along the Mekong Delta. we can choose to backpackers in a group or in Mekong delta tour a company’s travel.

Traveling by bike along the Mekong Delta will give you a different experience because you will be given more chance to meet people from the locality of the Mekong Delta. You can reach out from one village to another village, make friends, have a great experience of their culture, eat different kinds of native delicacies and explore more on the land instead of the water based spots.

Traveling by bike around the Mekong Delta might sound uneasy for some people, but many riders or cyclist would love to travel with their bikes. They can move around the villages and stay in the hotels. This trip is best for those who love cycling. Of course, it will not be necessary to travel alone because it will always be more fun to travel with some people who enjoy the same kind of trip.

There are also agencies around Vietnam who can assist you and accompany in to your journey. By then, you will be traveling with your bike around the Mekong Delta with some people and you will not worry about cycling alone.

Traveling by bike around the Mekong Delta is a land based trip, so expect dust and heat from the sun. With such trips, make sure to bring the necessary things you need, wear your masks and caps. You have to make sure that you have enough to protect your skin from the heat of the sun because you have to know that the Mekong Delta is in a tropical country of Vietnam. Continue reading

Our Amazing Trip to Bali

Bali is one of the most famous holiday spots in South East Asia. It is known for a number of different things: natural beauty, old history, amazing beaches and the nightlife. This was probably the biggest reason for me visiting this island a few months back. I had the company of my lovely wife and it was one of the best holidays we have ever had. The huge variety of activities to do here is quite unmatched. Also since we are from Chonburi, Thailand the travel costs were really minimal. So here is quick look at our weeklong holiday in Bali.

merah putih


As soon as we landed in Bali, the first thing we did was to check into our villa. We had rented a villa in Seminyak, and had gotten a decent deal through online bookings. While this is no brainer, we can’t stress on the importance of early hotel and villa bookings. Bali is teeming with tourists and quite often; you might end up without any place to stay. The best part about our villa was that it was located right in the middle of rice fields. This gave the entire place a truly beautiful look and ambiance. This hotel is a little far away from the main town and this means there are both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest con is that you will have to travel a bit to get to Bali, about half an hour. However personally we were happier to be in a place that was slightly away form the city. It gave us a chance to enjoy the beauty of the countryside. There were many other guests with whom we became good friends.

villa in rice field


There are quite a few options for food in Bali and you can get any kind of meal here. Through our stay we had a good mix of Western and traditional Indonesian food. It is quite cheap here and you can get good prices even at the classier places. The best place for eating is definitely the Seminyak district of the city. A restaurant that we especially loved was the Merah Putih. It has a wonderful menu and the food is really amazing. You will find everything from traditional Indonesian cuisine to modern ones. Though the rates can be a little expensive, we definitely felt that it completely worth the price.



learn-to-surf-in-bali-kuta-surf-schoolThere are a number of fun activities to do here and you will definitely never get bored. We hung out a lot at the beach where surfing was a very common past time. It was a great experience as we were learning it for the first time and were able to find instructors who guided us in a great way. One of the days we took a hike to the mountains and had a wonderful time exploring Mt. Batur. Then of course, there are always the nightclubs for the late night partying.


We stayed on the island for about a week, and it was one of the best times of our lives. There is no doubt that we will be visiting Bali again soon. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed Our Trip To The Island Of The Gods.



Paris, The City Of Lights….Here We Come!

I met and fell in love with beautiful Ann when I was in Bangkok, Thailand on a corporate holiday. I had travelled all the way from the United States to have a slice of pure heaven that this Asian City is famous for. And surely it didn’t disappoint, in fact, it surpassed my expectations. However, the details of how I came to fall for one amazingly pretty, adorable Thai girl are reserved for another day. So fast-forward to 2015 and we’ve been married for awhile and I feel like it’s time we took some time away from Bangkok and renewed our union. The journey has been rough especially with the long distance and different time zones but, as they say, ‘at the end love triumphs.’

For the past 2 months, I’ve scoured the internet searching for best and most beautiful places to surprise my wife with an amazing visit and I have ended up with the French city of Paris. You see, I want this to be a complete surprise to my lovely Aan so I’m deciding not to bother her with all the mundane planning. I selected Paris since unlike other top holiday destinations, I’ve only been there once. So it will be a new experience for both us. I know for sure that Aan loves two things; pleasant surprises and traveling. Combine these two into one and I’m sure she’ll be more than thrilled by the time we’re back at Bangkok.

Having made the necessary traveling arrangements, I moving on to the second stage of planning; the nitty gritty essentials of the trip. Since I need this to be perfect in a way that everything falls in place, I’m dedicating a lot of time and effort in mapping things out meticulously. So here we go.
Eiffel Tower

Paris is well known as a top notch sightseeing city and so I’m planning to explore this La Ville-Lumière destination together with Mellisa to the fullest. Among the spots that feature in my must-see-visit list is;

1.) The Eiffel Tower.
Why would anyone visit Paris and not savor the breathtaking view of this world-famous structure? A top this tower we could have the whole of Paris under our feet. But Aan is afraid of heights. Still I’m thinking of ways that I will use to convince her to scale this monument with me.
2.)Le Louvre Museum.
I loved art ever since I learnt how to sketch. Therefore having a glimpse of some of the world’s finest art pieces will be a must for me. The Louvre Museum is also known to house the celebrated Mona Lisa drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci, in fact, I plan to carry a notebook and a camera to see if I could beat him at his own game.

3.)The numerous parks and gardens.
Aan loves idyllic places likes rivers, slow flowing streams etc and I know for sure that an evening walk along River Siene is going to blow her away. We could also try the enchanting Jardin du Luxembourg in the outskirts of Paris. I also plan to take her out one hot afternoon for a leisure picnic at the Monstouris Park after visiting the charming Notre Dame cathedral.

4.) Frolic and nightlife.
Aan and I love clubbing accompanied with great music and visiting the French Cabaret bar in the middle of Paris, on a Friday night, will be the highlight of our trip. After that, we’ll head to the famous Can-can to dance the rest of the night away. I hope Parisian hangovers are not as bad those I have in Bangkok!

5.) Designer Brand shopping.
A visit to Paris can’t be complete without taking a Souvenir or two back to Thailand. Therefore. I’ve set apart a few thousand dollars to splash on an Emporio Armani watch for myself, a Loius Vuitton bag for Ann and Yves Saint Paris pair of shoes for each of us.
I hope that Paris will be exceptionally memorable and that the memories we make in this rich-cultural city will last for a long time. I can even feel my palms sweating with excitement! So Paris, here we come.

Top Street Foods in Bangkok You Should Definitely Try Out

A unique thing about Bangkok that most tourists notice is the wide variety of street foods that they offer. You can walk the streets of Bangkok every day for two weeks and never eat the same food twice. The good thing about this experience is that you will never have to spend more than $20 a day yet you will eat as much as you can. Every place that you visit be assured that you will always come across hawkers offering some of the tastiest and fresh-cooked meals in the streets. In some cases, you will eat straight out of your hands while in others you will be able to sit on chairs and makeshift picnic tables by the streets. Let’s take a look at some of the top street foods that Bangkok has to offer:

Mango sticky rice: This is probably the best mango sticky rice that you will ever taste. In the states, Thai restaurants usually serve the sticky rice with sliced mangoes on top together with sweet and salty coconut cream. However, you will only taste the real deal when you visit the streets of Bangkok. The version that you find there is made of three different colors of sticky rice to ensure that visitors have one of the tastiest meals they have ever had.

Sausages: In Bangkok, most of the sausages are mildly seasoned. You will find them grilled in the streets just for a few bucks. If you poke around enough, you will be lucky to find the sai oua’, which is a sausage originating from Northern Thailand and is flavored with chilies, makrut lime, galangal and other aromatics. The good thing about this sausage is that even though it is not that juicy it compensates for this in its flavor.

Stir-Fries: This is the common street food in Bangkok, it is either chicken with chilies and holy basil or stir-fried pork. If you have the chance to order this food do not forget to ask for a fried egg on top.

Steamed crab: You should try this one out especially if you enjoy crabs. The thing that bothers most crab lovers is that their price is usually too high. This should not be an issue when you visit the Bangkok streets. You can get a full kilogram of steamed crab swimmerets for less than $15.

When it comes to choosing street foods in Bangkok you should always know what is essential. It is easy to identify a type of food by simply observing the ingredients being used at that particular stall through the glass display. The foods are prepared in the stall and you will therefore be able to get a rough idea of what goes on. There are numerous types of noodle stalls in the streets of Bangkok such as duck noodles, chicken noodles and egg noodles. The noodles are available in various shapes and sizes. You should not be limited to what is readily available in the streets because you can also try out the made-to-order’ stalls. This is where they cook anything that you want. Kaao pad’ (fried rice) and Kai jiaow’ are some of the popular foods that you can also try out in these stalls. After you’re done eatting you can visit one of these places in BKK

What to do in Bangkok

The razzmatazz of neon-lit high-rises on one side and gold-spired Buddhist temples on the other, My wife and I lost our hearts to this bustling capital city of Thailand at the very first sight. Then came lip-smacking food, alleys full of fun and frolic and some of the most exciting shopping opportunities, my love for Bangkok has been sealed in my heart forever. With pristine beaches, exotic relics from the past, spectacular landscape with vernal forests and sylvan mountains, I was a little confused in deciding what to do in Bangkok. Thailand. However, I managed to sneak-peek into the best of Bangkok. Here’s a brief story of my vast Thai experiences and recommendations for things to do in bewitching Bangkok.

templesExplore the magnificence of Buddhist temples: I began my Bangkok journey by exploring the rich antiquity of this magnificent Thai city. Wat Traimit or the Golden Buddha is a grand 3meter-tall Buddha figurine made with (hold your breath) solid gold. Sculpted in the elegant Sukhothai style, the gleaming Buddha is also the world’s largest solid-gold statue. I hadn’t even recovered from the jaw-dropping sight of Wat Traimit when I witnessed yet another magnificent statue of reclining Buddha at Wat Pho. This particular Buddha is believed to be depicting a yoga position. Wat Pho is one of the oldest and largest Buddhist temples in Bangkok. A must-visit in Bangkok.


Be a part of history with Thai relics from the past: Within a day of my arrival in Bangkok I realised that the Thai capital is not only about shopping and nightlife, there’s a lot of antiquity to be explored. The scattered temple ruins of Ayutthaya, the intriguing Khmer Ruins and the Grand Palace that includes the Thailand’s most beautiful and holiest temple named Wat Phra Kaeo are some of the sights that are etched in my memories forever. Each of these places will give you a glimpse of the rich heritage of Bangkok.


thailand beachesRelax by the beach: After soaking my soul in history, when I reached Ko Kood, I felt to be in a different land altogether. The crowd and noise of traffic were left behind and what remained was the serene vista of blue water. Blessed with some of the prettiest beaches, Ko Kood is nature’s way to keep you surprised by its beauty. As though, the string of gorgeous beaches in Ko Kood were not enough, nature created Ko Lanta—yet another spectacular beach that left me gasping for breath. The huge expanse of white sand, azure water and beautiful resorts, Ko Lanta is a perfect escape from a nerve wrecking urban life of city dwellers like me.


rainforest bkkGo hiking: Rainforests being a part of Bangkok’s landscape, there are plenty of trekking and hiking options available in Bangkok and its neighbourhood. Ko Yao Noi, Phi Phi or the Railay peninsula has moderate cliffs to be scaled easily.




Shop till you drop: Going to Bangkok and not shopping is like visiting Paris and not seeing Eiffel Tower. I shopped and shopped till I was literally flooded with goodies and souvenirs. I was lost in the labyrinth of Chatuchak weekend market. Selling thousands of items, this market is a shopper’s paradise. And, yes I did manage to bargain successfully for my quoted price. If you traveling on a shoe-string budget, Khao San Road is famed as backpacker’s destination with budget shopping and accommodation options.


Fun time in Bangkok: Bangkok is home to some of the most scrumptious street food and exhilarating a nightlife. There are dazzling nightclubs and bars in the city. If you are a party animal like me don’t miss the Full Moon party at Hatrin, Kophangan. However, if you are wondering what to do in Bangkok, the most mind-boggling and amazing of them all was the Live Escape the room games at the Escape Hunt Experience (http://escapehunt.com). This extremely addictive fun game is mystery solving in an old house of Bangkok. You also need to dress up for the game. A highly-recommended experience in Bangkok.  What I also learned was they had escape the game franchises all over the place. You can check to see if there is one by you.

Love At First Sight: How I Met My Wife In Bangkok Thailand

The year was 2007 and I had just received a hefty sign-up fee from my new company. As if this was not an enough welcome gift I was granted a three-week holiday as my office was being set up. With plenty of time on my hands, I decided that I should use the one week to make the necessary arrangements and the two weeks for a vacation.

My first option was to go to Africa and more specifically Kenya. However, I still had other options on the table with Thailand and Hong Kong being the other two of my choices. Just as I was about to finish my travel arrangements to Kenya the post-election chaos following a recently held election broke out. There is no way I was going to risk going there especially with all the travel advisories issued by the government.

As fate would have it, I had to go to my second option which was Thailand. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my story about how I met my wife in Bangkok Thailand. Thailand is a well-developed country and also a famous tourist attraction and so making the travel arrangement was no hassle at all as all I had to do was to pay an agency to do everything for me.

My flight landed in Bangkok as the sun was setting on a beautiful December day. With all the tiredness that came with the 10 hours of being airborne, I went straight to my hotel immediately after the plane landed. It was getting late and after refreshing I thought I should go out for dinner so as to retire to bed early. Deciding to go out for dinner at that particular time is probably the best decision I have ever made in life minutes. In a couple of minutes as fate would have it, I was going to meet my future wife.

I had the option to dine at the hotel, but I decided to go out and sample the famous Bangkok street foods. I did not know exactly where to go look for the best street food in Bangkok, but a quick online search made me try Sukhumvit Soi 38. There are very many food traders along this street, but somehow I ended up stopping at only one stall. Besides from the aroma coming from this food stall it looked more organized and clean. I did not know how to go about it but before I could even decide I was greeted by a very soft voice in English from behind. On turning back to respond, there she was. It could have passed for a scene in the movie because the lady was so beautiful that I took a few seconds just to look at her before I responded to her greetings.

My future wife who was covering for her sick sister happens to be the person attending the stall I wanted to buy food from. She welcomed me and introduced to the variety of Thai Cuisine in the stall. We got off almost immediately because after a few minutes we were conversing like people who had known each other for at least a couple of months. I knew I was in love or at least I liked her because from that day I took all my meals from that stall for my entire stay in Bangkok. After my vacation, we were chatting online every single day for the next six months before I invited her to come visit me. At this point, we were already dating and exactly 18 months after meeting in Bangkok were getting married.

After our marriage, Aan and I moved to Thailand a year later as we both so it as the better place to raise our baby(yes, she was pregnant). Besides from giving me a wife Thailand gave me more as I am now a top executive in a leading company in Bangkok.